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Qastan is a brand focused on the development of high-level facilities for the motorist and Fashion. Our moto - QUALITY TO WIN SMILE.

Qastan is our innovated brand name of quality and satisfaction.  Our goal is to offer the best value for money from the market.

Go Motorcycle provides us a unique experience, like flying sometimes ceilings. To preserve this feeling, which is essential to high-speed equipment you will behave exceptionally secure and the comfort and protection.

We have a great passion for excellence and detail visible in our designs, technology and equipment. The quality is the success of each essential in the manufacture of good equipment that protects the motorist.

Qastan is composed of people with great initiative and passion for the motorcycle and the world of racing, which employs its extensive experience in this industry for the manufacture of equipment for High Performance.

Qastan is part of the crossover group, Qastan is presented in the international market for integrate its customers the greatest possible quality in agreement with their needs and respecting the international Standards of quality.

The permanent search of a quality and innovative design has turned swiftly the success of Qastan from Motorcycle Sport makes more than three decades. Qastan with a small premises in Sialkot set-in 1996, enters the international market of large motorcycle equipment. The spirit of enterprise and conduct a visionary gave a number of prestiges in the universe. After having acquired a good reputation in the industry. Qastan is diversified into clothing for the motorbike and gloves.

Once more, it was a success for Qastan, who, due to its quality of products, earned the satisfaction of the customer and the trust. Reach the ISO 9001:2000 certifications by BVQI and run of its system of quality skilled assurance. Thanks to the great innovations and implications of workers and direction.

Qastan is forwarding by step to step and proven its presence in the whole world.
Composed of a high quality leather, bone and synthetic materials, the range of products includes:
• This fully Protection (clothing and gloves)
• Motorcycle Boots
• This fully urban bike (clothing and gloves)
• Other Motorcycle Accessories.
• This fully functional polyester

In order to yield out quality out-lets our independent departments function with highly skilled workmanship which are summarized as under

• Tannery (leather factory productions)
 • Department preparation
• Department of the quality control of dressing 

Qastan set its own tannery in 1996, achievements recognized for producing high quality types of leather being utilized in clothing, gloves and boots. The tannery responds to your objective with success since its creation. This Division includes the transformation of raw material in leather ready for preparation. This fully equipped for modern machines. 

The qualified team makes the selection of leather cutting the deposit on the basis of their quality, color, and Other Properties as per requirement, models and design of our customers. 


In our production we always use 1st Grade quality and selected ingredients / raw material instead of recycling material to make the product durable and long lasting. No compromise is made to decrease the price at the cost of quality. The imported materials are exclusive with us as directly got its production from the well reputed international factories with all lab tests according to European standard. The required certificates can be provided with our products.

Our Production Department is equipped with 1200 sewing machines of automatic as Coser and modern.  Technical experience with manufacturing processes and the control are ensured at each stage of preparation. Although the fabric of clothing and gloves are proven at every stage of its manufacturing.

After production each and every item is sent to the department of quality control for a final review where staff classified all short-comings in detail for its rectification. After removing all legitimate manufacturing defects then it is the Packaging Department. We affirm our guarantee against any legitimate manufacturing defects and it is key of success for our world wide customers. 

That’s why Qastan says the guarantee of safety for the end-user comes from the satisfaction of its riders.

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